Photo Hunters Split Grand Prize

Photo hunt contest winners had eagle eyes.

Congratulations to Anni Giacapuzzi and Jeannie Chalas, co-winners of the six-month Who Knows Merrimack Best photo hunt contest.

Chalas and Giacapuzzi tied the weekly six-month contest scoring 48 out of a possible 52 points each.

Earlier this week, the pair came to Swan Chocolates, co-sponsor of the contest, to collect their prize, $50 gift certificates to spend at the sweet shop.

Both said they had a blast learning a lot about Merrimack during the contest, driving around town looking for mystery photos on weeks they didn't know the answer outright.

And no contest would be as fun without a great story. Turns out, our co-winners live on the same street, but didn't know each other before hand.

Congratulations, Anni and Jeannie!


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