Who Knows Merrimack Best: Week 1 Revealed

Contest started off strong this weekend with 35 players and 35 correct guesses.


We've already got 35 people in the running for the $100 gift card to Swan Chocolates that is the prize at the end of our contest to determine who knows Merrimack the best.

Congratulations to Zak Downing who was the first to give us the correct answer to which was taken at Our Lady of Mercy church at 16 Baboosic Lake Road. Downing's response came just four minutes after our newsletter hit inboxes Saturday morning. He is the first to receive a Patch canvas tote bag.

Additionally we had 35 correct guesses this week, which puts everyone in a 35-way tie with two points a piece.

Congratulations and thanks for playing: Lisa Fulton, Tim Dutton, Kristine Silva, Ellen Kolb, Tara Perkins, Stephanie Wunderlich, Arene Berry, Stacey Phelps, Nelson Disco, Stephanie Ring, Phyllis McCarthy, Ed Carolan, Debbie Ventre, Leslie Caron, Crys Talbot, Jess Gagne, Anne McCann, Barbara Feller, Stephanie Saxton, Jill Naber, Deanne Berube, Debbie Holman, Kim Jarry, Jeannie Chalas, Tammy Martineau, Don Nevers, Dan Bantham, Kristine Sawdey, Pattie Chapman, Steve Jarry, Maureen Devost, Kristin Wardner and Anni Giacapuzzi.

You  have each received two points for this week.

Looks like we need to make next week's a little bit harder.

Get ready to sharpen your skills and remember, the more you play, the better a chance you have at winning the prize at the end.

Have a great week.


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