Arrested: Woman Caught Lying About Reason For Speeding

Police arrested woman at her home two days after being stopped traveling 82 mph in a 65 in Merrimack.

NH State Police news. [Credit: Jason Claffey]
NH State Police news. [Credit: Jason Claffey]
State Police say a woman who was stopped for driving 82 miles per hour in a 65 mph zone in Merrimack was permitted to continue to her destination – to see her dying father – only to be arrested two days later after getting caught in a lie.

She wasn't rushing to her father's deathbed at all, troopers say, because he actually died five years ago.

Carly Williams, 28, of Nashua, was charged on Sunday, Aug. 4, with operating without a valid registration and speeding in relation to her vehicle being stopped on Friday, Aug. 2, at around 9 p.m.

Trooper C. Cummings with New Hampshire State Police Troop B, said he pulled Williams over after clocking her speeding on the F.E. Everett Turnpike northbound.

Williams told Cummings that she was speeding due to an emergency; her father was dying and she was trying to make it to the Catholic Medical Center in Manchester before he passed. 

Based on the information Williams had provided and the emotional state she displayed, Cummings allowed her to continue her travel without delay.

However, it didn't take long for him to learn after releasing Williams  that there was no one registered at the hospital by the name of Williams. Cummings said he further learned Williams father has been deceased for years.

He also learned that Williams was driving with suspended registration plates.

On Sunday, Aug. 4, around 3:30 p.m. Cummings met Williams at her home in Nashua and subsequently placed her under arrest. When confronted with her fathers’ obituary, Williams continued to be deceptive, however she later admitted that the obituary was for her father. 

Williams was subsequently transported to the Nashua Police Department where she was released on personal recognizance bail. She was instructed to be in Merrimack's 9th Circuit Court, District Division on Sept. 5 to answer to the charges. 

"While the NH State Police is sympathetic to personal emergencies our primary objective is to protect life and property through the traditions of fairness, professionalism and integrity," according to a press release from state police.   "Within reason, individuals will be allowed to continue during emergency situations when we can ensure the safety of the individuals involved and the general public. Circumstances such as this one, however, will result in the appropriate action taking place."


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