COP LOG: Four TVs Stolen From Business on Amherst Road

Excerpts from the last three days of October police logs, including incident reports during Hurricane Sandy.

Monday, Oct. 29, 2012

12:58 a.m.: Responded to Bowers Landing for a domestic disturbance.

10:57 a.m.: Report of two aggressive pitbulls on Mount Lawny Lane.

12:01 p.m.: Tree limb blocking Dahl Road.

12:11 p.m.: Report of gunshots in the area of South Grater Road.

12:41 p.m.: Responded to Continental Boulevard for a two-car accident. Drivers were Tonya Nicholls of Hillsborough and Rhonda Wynne of Milford.

1:46 p.m.: Tree across Gull Lane. 

2:48 p.m.: Tree down on wire on Westborn Drive at Winchester Drive.

2:54 p.m.: Tree blocking Bryce Drive.

2:57 p.m.: Responded to London Court for an unattended death.

3:09 p.m.: Tree blocking Amherst Road.

3:10 p.m.: Tree down at the Manchester Road Bridge.

3:25 p.m.: Tree across right turn lane on Continental Boulevard at Industrial Drive.

4:34 p.m.: Tree reported across Carried Drive.

4:50 p.m.: Tree down on Mitchell Street.

5:30 p.m.: Limb down and transformer on fire.

5:41 p.m.: Wire down, tree on fire on Wire Road.

5:48 p.m.: Tree down on Scott Drive.

6:47 p.m.: Tree hanging over Naticook Road on Peaslee Road.

6:50 p.m.: Tree in roadway on Bedford Road at Lawrence Road.

7:08 p.m.: Trees and wires down on Depot Street.

7:41 p.m.: Tree on fire, arcing wires on Tanglewood Way.

7:56 p.m.: Tree down across Turkey Hill Road at Amherst Road.

8:05 p.m.: Tree acrosss Everett Turnpike, referred to state police.

9:44 p.m.: Tree in the roadway on Al Paul Lane.


Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2012

6:42 a.m.: Wires arcing and tree on.

7:11 a.m.: Responded to an Amherst Road business for report of 4 stolen TVs.

8:26 a.m.: Carbone monoxide detector ringing Beebe Lane,

10:16 a.m.: Tree and wires across King Henry Court.

10:31 a.m.: Reported theft of a TV on Meetinghouse Road.

11:16 a.m.: Tree across Greatstone Drive.

11:31 a.m.: Low wires and tree blocking the entrance to Lawrence Road.

12:07 p.m.: Reported theft from a building on Daniel Webster Highway.

1 p.m.: Tree on the wires on Peaslee Road.

1:45 p.m.:Tree on wire  reported on Amherst Road.

2:44 p.m.: Illegal outside burn on Davis Road.

3:32 p.m.: Gunshots reported on Griffin Street.

4:45 p.m.: Assisted state police at an accident on the Everette Turnpike.

7:38 p.m.: Report of fraud in the form of a bad check.

8:08 p.m.: Responded to Greeley Street at Daniel Webster Highway for a two-car accident. Drivers were Justin Daravong of Manchester and Amy Annabelle of Merrimack.

9 p.m:  Responded to Daniel Webster Highway for a two-car accident. Drivers were Lee Zheng and Margot Crueling.

9:22 p.m.: Assisted State Police aan accident on the Everett Turnpike.

9:31 p.m.: CO Dectctor sounding on Daniel Webster Highway.

9:50 a.m.: Theft reported on Daniel Webster Highway.






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