Top 52 Bedford School District Salaries: 2011

You asked for it. We've provided it.

Last week, Bedford Patch published a list of the . Soon after, we received several comments and emails requesting a similar list from the Bedford School District.

The following information, provided by SAU 25, lists the top 52 wages in the Bedford school system:


Name Position Salary Timothy Mayes Superintendent $127,220 William Hagen High School Principal $110,670 Eric McGee Asst. Superintendent $105,967 Kathleen Conlin Special Education Director $103,690 Kenneth Williams Principal $101,523 Pamela Ilg Principal $99,485 Edward Joyce Principal $98,216 Michael Fournier Principal $94,756 Karl Haven Technology Director $94,048 Dawna Duhamel Chief Financial Officer $92,718 Molly McCarthy Principal $91,043 Gary Dempsey Asst. Principal $88,072 Robert Jozokos, Jr. Asst. Principal $88,072 William Whitmore High School Athletics Director $84,992 Carol Sideris Human Resources Director $83,319 Janice Souza Asst. Principal $81,203 Joreen Hendry Curriculum Coordinator K-8 $80,924 James Brown Dean of Student Services $80,070 Cheryl Daley Asst. Principal $79,965 Diane Babb Dean of Faculty $79,181 Linda Belmonte Dean of Faculty $79,181 Todd Zollman Maintenance Director $79,124 Roberta Keane Special Education Coordinator $76,755 John Schuttinger Asst. Principal $76,134 Kathleen Pope Asst. Principal $75,854 Karen Maitland Teacher, Grade 6 $72,044 Martha Reese Guidance Counselor $72,044 Matthew Munsey Asst. Principal $72,000 Joan Roelke Special Education Facilitator $70,802 Laurel Anderson Resource Teacher $70,801 Catherine Burns Teacher, Grade 7 $70,801 Lauren Dokas Teacher, Grade 8 $70,801 Denise Flegal Resource Teacher $70,801 Dawn Heffron Resource Teacher $70,801 Lynn Knoll Resource Teacher $70,801 Susan Mullen Guidance Counselor $70,801 Claire Norfolk Teacher, Grade 4 $70,801 Kathleen Parker SEED Teacher $70,801 Laura Dreyer Social Studies Teacher $70,784 Harriett Ferns Media Generalist $70,784 Kelly Kent-Kiburis Behavior Specialist $70,784 Kathleen O'Brien Assessment Specialist $70,784 Jody Pedro Teacher, Grade 8 $70,784 Joyce Pelrine Technology Education $70,784 Joy Price Special Education Facilitator $70,784 Kate Schoedinger Reading Specialist $70,784 Jantina Stallone Teacher, Grade 1 $70,784 Carol Christie Speech Pathologist $69,907 Kathleen Fencil Media Generalist $69,907 Susan Trudel FACS Teacher $69,907
Debbie Callahan Ellis March 09, 2012 at 01:08 PM
eye...if you don't like the taxes, you also can move to another town. This town has great value because of the education system. Education is about the future of our children...if that is no longer important to you, there are more affordable community options. Just as you feel the teachers can leave, so can you. I vote for helping teachers get a small raise to help feed their families. All yes votes here and most households in Beford, I suspect! :) If not, I invited you into my daughters' school to look into the eyes of the people you feel don't deserve it.
M. M. March 09, 2012 at 01:18 PM
These folks deserve every penny, $30K starting salary???...eek! I wouldn't be able to live in Bedford earning anything less than $100K
Eyec2020 March 09, 2012 at 02:29 PM
Dear Debbie etc., etc. Where in my post did I mention I "don't like the taxes" in Bedford?
Teresa Dainesi March 09, 2012 at 02:45 PM
8 years ago, we moved to Bedford from a neighboring town with the specific goal to raise our family in this school district. As the parent of a first-grader (and a kindergartener next year), I am fairly new to this issue and this is the first year I have had the opportunity to learn about it and understand all the viewpoints. I do believe that the strength of a community is underscored by its support for its educational system. If we are to continue to generate interest for people to move to our town in the future, we must support those who educate our children. If we encourage teachers to "jump ship," to find employment elsewhere, I wonder how our educator "talent pool" will look in the years to come. As a previous poster commented, this pay raise is not for ALL teachers, but for those who fall below their peers in surrounding towns. I want to keep the talent in Bedford....where it belongs.
Debbie Ellis March 09, 2012 at 03:41 PM
Eye...why else would you not want to vote for teachers to have a raise? What other reason could there be? As I reread your statement...it's because you don't get one? You currently are not working, are you? There is a big difference.


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